About Me


Version 2

After loosing nearly 5 stone in 2014 I have found it a struggle to maintain my weight even though I did all ‘the right things’ including increasing my activity levels through walking, swimming and some cycling  and watching the amount of  calories I consume each day.

I then began following the blogs of several fitness professionals and nutritionists who discuss the importance of the correct balance of nutrition and exercise.

I have learnt that maintaining weight-loss is as much about making a change to our habits as it is ensuring we understand and meet our individual daily nutritional requirements.


The purpose of this blog?

There is an ever increasing interest in dieting and fitness and I wanted to start this blog to share the information I encounter from the many sites promoting healthier living.

I will try and vary the posts looking at different foods and nutritional benefits, recipes and also my personal challenges and achievements I encounter on my journey to eat better food for a better life.

Feel free to comment on any of my posts, share whatever you want and please try out some of the recipes and let me know what you think of them.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit!